Millenium Falcon Cake

Amy’s birthday was this weekend and at some point I made the mistake of implying it was pretty easy to make a Millenium Falcon cake (like she had shown me from Ace of Cakes). I had forgotten about this comment – but as her birthday approached, she continued to bring it up and it became clear that she was challenging me to try it.

So I thought I would give it a shot. Amy has recently taken a cake decorating class, so we had a lot of the supplies and she was kind enough to help me identify any tools I might need (I think mostly so I couldn’t use that as an excuse if it didn’t go well). So the supplies were gathered and it was up to me to create a Millenium Falcon cake.

I looked on the internet for some images of the falcon so I could get the dimensions reasonably correct.

It actually ended up going pretty well. I twittered a series of steps that I took to pull it off:

step 1: bake 2 cakes (4 mixes) and stack them
Millenium Falcon Cake
step 2: print out template from google image search
Millenium Falcon Cake
step 3: carve the easy stuff and wonder how to carve the dome
Millenium Falcon Cake
Step 3b: attempt radical disassembly strategy
Millenium Falcon Cake
step 3c: dissassembly/carve/reassembly seems to be paying off
Millenium Falcon Cake
step 4: base layer of frosting – now to investigate fondant
Millenium Falcon Cake

(Note: I was going to cover the entire thing in fondant – I even covered the back half before tasting some of it – yuck! So I opted to go with butter creme instead and use the fondant sparingly for decoration)

step 5: gun metal butter cream
Millenium Falcon Cake
step 6: use sparse pieces of fondant
Millenium Falcon Cake

Start some detailing work (radar dish and gun in center looted from Lego Millenium Falcon)
Millenium Falcon Cake

step 7: profit! Happy Birthday Amy!

Millenium Falcon Cake
Millenium Falcon Cake

10 Responses to “Millenium Falcon Cake”

  1. Roger Steffen says:

    Wow dude, that is so neat!

  2. Michelle says:

    HOLY COW! That is amazing. Wow Josh. Wow. Can you do my birthday?

  3. Deani Kirkness says:

    That is one awesome cake. I had a cake decorating business is the distant past, and I would hire you in a minute. Way to go Mr. Cakeman!! That Amy is a lucky girl.

  4. Barb Trutwin says:

    WOW, Best Millenium Falcon cake I have seen. I have taken a couple of cake decorating classes and told my nephew I would make him his birthday cake. To my surprise the words Millenium Falcon came screaming out! I love your step by step photo’s. what size pan did you use? 9×13? and is it a 2″ depth or 3″ depth? Thanks so much!!! I hope mine turns out half as great as yours did!!!

  5. Cristy says:

    That is so cool! I just told my son I’ll make him a millenium falcon cake for his birthday in a few weeks – then I started to panic!!! Your step by step instructions are great!!

  6. Katie says:

    That is truly a work of art! I am going to attempt this for my son’s 6th birthday. Amazing. You should go professional!!

    Will check back to see what you make for next year!

  7. Chefdruck says:

    These instructions are amazing. I always make my kids’ birthday cakes but now that they are beyond the Elmo stage, things are getting tricky! I just bought some figurines to top the cake but was unimpressed with the cake scenes I saw until I stumbled upon your post. Great pics. Great instructions. Thank you so much!

  8. Francy says:

    Your cake turned out awesome! My bloody husband wants me to make one for his 40th, so I am glad I stumbled across your wee tutorial! Thanks for putting this up, I agree, it’s the best one I’ve seen on the net so far – except for the Ace of Cakes type professional ones of course!!!

    Awesome job, I hope mine looks half as good!

  9. francine says:


    you did an amazingly awesome fantastic job. I have promised my husband I’d ATTEMPT to make him a MF cake, and I have three weeks now to prepare. Starting to crap myself, actually!


    Anyway, great job dude!


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